Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What a week

I used to be scared to death to **** at school back in elementary school because teachers would take their whole class on a bathroom break and if anyone was ****ting then the whole class would form a line and peek through the cracks in the door to see who's ****ting and then laugh at you and spread it around school. One time my class was in the bathroom and kids started to form that line and the kid in the ****ter stuck his dick (yes tiny) through the crack in the stall and started barking at us so we wouldn't go look at his face. needless to say, we never found out who was taking a **** at school that day.

it also sucked because the ****ing kids at my school would have like an internal clock that would go off if you left the room for too long to use the bathroom and then they would accuse you of taking a ****. so my trick was to sign out to go to the bathroom and then i would walk VERY VERY slowly out the door and stop and look around a little bit then VERY VERY slowly start heading towards the bathroom making sure that everyone saw how slow i was moving. then i would HAUL ASS to the bathroom and **** my brains out and wipe super fast then i would BOOK ASS back to the room and right before getting to the door way i had to walk REALLY REALLY slow and stop at the door and look around again and slowly walk in and sign out my name because i knew everyones clocks were going off alerting them that i was probably taking a **** but once they saw that i was dilly dallying they would brush it off as someone just wasting time..... not taking a ****. rough times in elementary school i tell ya, but im still here today which means i survived it.

Now for the good stuff. The time has come (returned, rather) for me to get my skinny ass back into the gym. I've spent the last few months in basic training losing weight and running like a little bitch only to lose everything I've worked for in the previous years of lifting. Time to get it back. I have a lot of free time anyway.

So, to the gym it is. Daily schedule:

I'd REALLY like to be in the gym at 8PM, but I'm on a meal plan, eating in a dining facility that closes at 7:30. The peak hours for gyms as we all know is 4-530ish.

Gym 6-7ish pm
Eat 7ish pm
Fap 7:45-8:00pm
Study 8-10

Realistically I could study right after class, and I've heard that's best for information retention, but we'll see how this goes. For a healthy educational life you MUST have a near equal lifestyle outside of a classroom/textbook. That's my philosophy on the matter

So a bankroll budgeted, a gym schedule organized and a dick not in use, things are starting to look pretty damn good.

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