Monday, August 1, 2011

Lets make a to-do list

I don't update this as much as I should, and technically I'm talking to myself as nobody is reading this shit... so I'll spill my guts...

I'm in the Military. I Wanted to sign for 4 years but got sucked into a mandatory 6 for the particular career field I chose. I (for whatever reason, to be unsaid) washed out of that career field and mandatory retrained into another. I work on ejection seats for fighter aircraft. nuff said.

I will be leaving the military after my X years of honorable military service to do a list of things I feel are essential to a great well being

Bean Bag
CLEAN new Apartment
Coupe Leather Accord
College Education towards my degree in mind (private)
A great loving DOG, any breed, hopefully adopted.
A steady and building savings account
Have Visited at least 26/50 states, 2 mandatory being Alaska and Hawaii