Sunday, December 19, 2010


Check this ****ed up **** out. My buddy went to Europe for two weeks and hired this stoner bitch to watch his Border Colie for him. The dog was old and needed to be walked and fed and loved. Anyway, he comes home and his dog is ****ing GONE!! He asks the stoner hippy bitch what happened and she breaks down crying and tells him this story!!

She said that she walked in one afternoon to feed Zeke, and found him laying dead on the kitchen floor. She called the Vet and asked what to do and they told her fo $500.00 they'd pickup poor Zeke and dispose of him. She said she didn't have $500 and started bawling. The Vet say's bring the dog down here and we'll do it for $100. Well, the broke ass bitch doesn't even have a car so she throws the dog in a ****ing suitcase and jumps on the L-train to take it in.

As she's goin down there she starts crying on the train. This Black dude comes up and asks her if she's allright. She doesn't want to admit she's got a dead dog in a suitcase so she tells him her boyfriend just broke up with her and she's upset. Then, the doors open at a stop and the bastard grabs the suitcase from her and RUNS OFF THE TRAIN!!! WTF??!! Do you believe that ****!!?? He gets away Scott free with Zekes rotting assed carcass.

My Buddies not sure he believes her but MAN!!! Who could make that **** up?!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Sunday blues...

First let me give you a brief history... i am 16 and my brother is 13. We live in a New York suburb which is very nice and protected. We have a very nice life and our parents provide for us what we need. My brother constantly makes my family look like white trash trailer park ****. He is a wigger and I ****ing hate that. He has been suspended from school 5 times. He got my parents in trouble with social services once because he left the house when he was left home when he was 12 and faked sick. My dad can't afford a babysitter and neither my mom or dad can afford any more days off from work because of having four kids to watch after sometimes the days add up. When I was 12 and was left home sick I stayed in bed and watched tv/did hw or whatever. He left to go get candy and a cop saw him and brought him to school. My parents have this permanently on their records now. All he does is ****ing lie and steal money. He hangs out with aa crowd of dirtbags and wannabe ghetto little punks who I could kill by myself at one time. Let me give you and idea of how much of a ****in liar he is. He got called down to the office and my parents were told that he supposedly dared a kid to scream penis as loud as h could in his spanish class. He dared him for 60 bux. My brother does not have sixty bucks to bet. So, he steals my dad's wallet and three days later it coincidentally shows up in my dad's pocket all of a sudden with 60 bux missing. Up until this point nobody knew that the dare was for 60 bux, but only that a dare was made. Now, I am talking to my friend's cousin on aim who is in my brother's class and he tells me when is your brother going to have the money? I ask him what money and he tells me about the dare. I confront my bro (at the time I did not know that my dad's wallet was ever missing I just found out about the bet). I fiure I set him straight by telling him I found out and if he gives any money 2 any1 I will find out and I will also tell my parents what he is doing. He tells me he won't do nething. keep in mind he swore up and down on his life that a dare was never even made at all. He only admitted it to me in private we I confronted him. Last week we get a call home from a cop saying that he slapped a kid at a barmitsva (sp?) and that if it happens again he will be arrested. I don't care what type of situation it is- you do not hit a kid at somebody's private party where they spent years and thousands of dollars to prepare. This makes you sseem like a piece of trash and scum of the earth. It also represents your family. Can you see why I am mad? Anyway, I am not just posting cuz of this- these things are bad so far, but tonight takes the cake. Over the years my brother has stolen $100's of dollars from my parents (taken from wallet or if he was only allowed to spend a certain amount at a place he spent all of it). My mom's three cards were missing since yesterday. My dad gts a call today from a local shoe store owner that my brother and dirtbag friends frequent (being wiggers they must look at the jordan's and air force ones and try to be thugs). Anyways he is just confirming the transaction made between my brother and him. He is confriming that my bro bought threee pairs of shoes- 1 for himself, 2 for 2 friends with a credit (debit type) card. My dad asks why he accepted it from a 13 year old and the guy says that they gave him a cell phone number to call because my brother said "his mom won't be home til eleven." On the cell phone the guy said that it was somebody acting as his mother and saying that he was allowed to spend up to $400 with the card. Since the person was an adult, the guy accepted it and made the charge for the shoes and they all left. My dad told him that it was fake and it was not my mother who he spoke to. We cannot return the $370 purchase because the little ****ing ***s wore them out of the store already. My dad agreed to pay it. He then went and screamed at my brother and I beat him up a bit by slamming him to the floor and twisting his arm and punched his head like 5 times. My dad tells him he wants to disown him. Can't get any worse right? WRONG. He goes on to check the bills and he finds out that an AOL account was charged to his bill too. He then flips out and screams more at my brother telling him to leave and ****. My scum trash dirtbag "brother" denies it and his lil wannabe thug self is gasping for air as he cries like a two year old girl. To top this all off I have two very important test tomorrow- the Spanish and Math 3 Regents which I MUST do well on. It is not just these few mentioned events- he comes home and doesn't do ANY work, gets in trouble in school, acts like a punk to me and my family, and actually makes and EFFORT to be like trailer park trash. To make this story shorter, my brother finally leaves when my dad says he will call the cops if he doesn't come with him to the precinct to be arrested. I follow him and rip his backpack of his arm (I don't want him thinking he will get far or that he can walk away with stuff my parents have bought him). Anyways, they are out now looking for him. He's probably at the school sitting on the roof or playground. I really do not care if he gets hit by a car. If my parents weren't here to stop me I'd have punched him in the face and broken his teeth and nose and probably a few ribs. I honestly do not want him as a brother. You can only take so muc and have so much faith before you lose all hope. His punishments are way past due and I hope he ends up in jail as some hardcore thug's boyfriend with a dick up his ass and a razor in his throat. I would not care if he got raped or murdered. I really wouldn't. My family would be perfect then. My other little brother is really funny and he's cool. I can tell he's gonna be a good kid. My sister is very sweet and shy. She never has any problems with other girls and she gets fantastic grades. I have my flaws to, but I do not make an effort to endanger and hurt myself and others. I do not ever get in trouble in school and I do not ever steal money and I never have and never will. When I do something I shouldn't have I speak to my parents like a man and acknowledge what I did wrong and accept the consequences. I really hope my parents do not go easy on this ****. If it were up to my dad he would have been cuffed andarrested by the cops. My mom is just really sympathetic (mother's love i guess) and she told him not to call the cops on him. Have any of you felt like this? I am not kidding about this ****. I would honestly not be sad if he got killed or never came back home.

Not sure why I went on that rant. This isn't what I planned on talking about, the good things in life aren't planned.