Sunday, December 19, 2010


Check this ****ed up **** out. My buddy went to Europe for two weeks and hired this stoner bitch to watch his Border Colie for him. The dog was old and needed to be walked and fed and loved. Anyway, he comes home and his dog is ****ing GONE!! He asks the stoner hippy bitch what happened and she breaks down crying and tells him this story!!

She said that she walked in one afternoon to feed Zeke, and found him laying dead on the kitchen floor. She called the Vet and asked what to do and they told her fo $500.00 they'd pickup poor Zeke and dispose of him. She said she didn't have $500 and started bawling. The Vet say's bring the dog down here and we'll do it for $100. Well, the broke ass bitch doesn't even have a car so she throws the dog in a ****ing suitcase and jumps on the L-train to take it in.

As she's goin down there she starts crying on the train. This Black dude comes up and asks her if she's allright. She doesn't want to admit she's got a dead dog in a suitcase so she tells him her boyfriend just broke up with her and she's upset. Then, the doors open at a stop and the bastard grabs the suitcase from her and RUNS OFF THE TRAIN!!! WTF??!! Do you believe that ****!!?? He gets away Scott free with Zekes rotting assed carcass.

My Buddies not sure he believes her but MAN!!! Who could make that **** up?!

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